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Friday, January 4, 2008

Works not yet published (as of June 2008)

Joe Sacco is working on a book about an incident in Rafah, tentatively titled Foootnotes in Gaza. Though it was supposed to be on shelves this month, it has been delayed.

Tania Yuditskaya and Eugene Zhilinsky are jointly working on a graphic novel called Rendez Vous avec un Miracle (Appointment with a Miracle), to be self-published via their Tchai imprint.

Partial plot summary : "And tomorrow morning, as it has been for years, the Rabbi will be receiving the needy. Among the 10 lucky ones, granted the audience, are Nili, Jesse, Marine, Yves, the Artist, the Dean. Even Leonid Pozner, the infamous Russian mafioso will be there with a very particular wish of his own.

Rabbi Arie is a "Miracle Maker". He will solve all their problems: love, money, health...

Everyone on the list will get his or her wish granted.
Even though the long awaited appointment will never take place."

Character sketches (such as the four below) may be found at
the messenger



the guru

This sample page (in French) was found at the Tchai Toronto Livejournal.
page from Rendez Vous with a Mircale

A collection of Rutu Modan's short comix stories titled Jamalti and Other Stories is scheduled to be released later this year. In the title story, a nurse comes to the aid of a wounded suicide bomber after he sets off his bomb.

Pre-order Jamilti and Other Stories

Neil Kleid's biographical memoir about himself and his developmentally disabled brother, Migdal David, or David's Tower is still in the works. It will include scenes that take place in Israel. You may read the first 12 pages at
page from Migdal David

Migdal David title page

In the Fall of 2008, a bilingual (Polish-Hebrew) anthology titled Kompot will be co-published by Dimona (Israel) and Kultura Gniewu (Poland) containg 11 stories by 10 cartoonists : Zeev Engelmayer, Daniel Goldstein, Yaron Niski, Rachely Rotner, Amitai Shenderovich, Joanna Karpowicz, Łukasz Mieszkowski, Krzysztof Ostrowski, Michał "Śledziu" Śledziński and Jakub Szczęsny. The comic album will represent different approaches towards Polish-Jewish stereotypes. It is the result of workshops which took place in October 2007 in Poland.


Jon Papernick is adapting his novel Who by Fire, Who by Blood into a graphic novel. The story deals with covert funding of certain extremist Israeli groups and activities by members of a powerful American-Jewish family. You may read the first chapter at (Acrobat format).
page from Who by Fire, Who by Blood

Teargas in the Morning looks like it will be a brash, angry memoir that portrays Israel & Israelis in a harsh manner. It will be written & drawn by Katie Miranda, whose cartoons & illustrations have been published in the pages of Palestine Times.

page from Teargas in the Morning

A graphic novel adaptation of Waltz with Bashir is due out by the end of the year. The animated documentary, which presents a look at the first Lebanon War and the massacres at the Sabra and Shatilah refugee camps, received a lot of attention this year at the Cannes Film Festival, won six Israeli Academy Awards, best foreign film at the Golden Globes, and is now nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film.

Below is a video of the trailer for the film.

cover of Waltz with Bashir

Pre-order Waltz with Bashir

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